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Dryer isn't producing heat in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

To completely dry things, the drum rotates, turning things over with special blades. It often happens that there is just no hot air flow, the dryer does not produce heat. Why? Let's figure it out.

Dryer isn't producing heat

Problem solution:

The first thing to pay attention to is whether the drum of the device rotates. There is no rotation, which means the machine will not throw the laundry with its blades. Accordingly, the laundry that is at the very bottom will remain damp.

Second. Hot air does not come in. There are many reasons. The main one is the malfunction of the heating unit. The malfunction is most often caused by burnout of the spirals. In this case, a replacement is required. A malfunction of the NTC is reflected directly in the voltage supply to the unit. If the NTC readings are incorrect, the machine control will consider the program finished, the power supply from the heating unit will be removed and in the future only the laundry is tedding.

The residual moisture sensor readings are also important. The change in resistance in it is reflected in the performance of the program as a whole. Incorrect data from it either reduce the drying time, or, on the contrary, increase.

No air injection. The heating unit, in this case, is working properly. Blade drive belt may have broken.

5. It is not uncommon for the drum to be overloaded. The program not only lengthens the running time, but also does not dry the laundry. Try not to forget about this and control the amount of downloaded things. If you need help with dryer repair San Jose, call us right now!