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Dryer makes vibrates in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Why does the machine knock and vibrate a lot? What is better to change during the drying process so that vibration disappears?

Dryer makes vibrates

Problem solution:

Incorrect installation of the tumble dryer. This refers to installation on an uneven surface or on tiles without anti-vibration supports. At maximum acceleration of the drum (up to 1000 rpm) a knock may appear, and the machine itself will swing and even move from its place.

Unbalance and overload of laundry. A similar situation occurs with washing machines. If there is an overweight and the laundry gets knocked into lumps, then the centering of the drum is disturbed. A skew may occur, the drum will start to touch the walls of the housing and knock.

Foreign object. It is not uncommon for small metal objects (coins, pins, fasteners, hooks) to fall into the drum. They fall out of pockets or detach from clothing when the drum spins violently. If you need help with affordable dryer repair, call us right now!