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Dryer making weird noise in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Problem: Tumble dryer makes unusual noises during operation.

This includes: ventilated tumble dryer, condensation tumble dryer, heat pump tumble dryer.

Dryer making weird noise

Problem solution:

If your tumble dryer makes unusual noises, try the following step-by-step solutions to the problem.

1. A newly installed tumble dryer makes an unusual noise:

Some tumble dryers are equipped with automatic transport bolts that secure the drum.

When the unit is started for the first time, you may hear a knocking noise indicating that the transport bolts have been released. This is normal.

It does not indicate a malfunction of the product. In addition, the door is also usually equipped with a transport lock. It must be removed manually. Note: You cannot manually rotate the drum of a new device that has never been started.

During the first drying process, you may hear a high-frequency squeak. It can be caused by a pump, moisture sensor or felt strip that needs to be slightly wetted before use. Another possible source of noise is the electrical box on the back of the unit. It is located next to the fan cover of the device. Move the device slightly away from the wall to try to solve this problem.

2. Squeaking noise when tumble dryer is running:

The motor is probably blocked or cannot turn freely. The device may be overloaded. Unload some garments and try again.

3. The tumble dryer makes a squeak or squeak:

This noise may be caused by a moisture sensor or felt strip, which should be slightly wetted before use.

4. Metallic noise when tumble dryer is running

If your machine is equipped with a heat pump, these sounds indicate normal machine operation. A heat pump is a high pressure compressor capable of producing metallic noise and knocking.

5. Squeaking noise when tumble dryer is running:

This noise can be caused by electrical appliances near the fan housing or a loose fan. Move the device slightly away from the wall.

6. Squeaking sound when tumble dryer is running:

This sound may be caused by a humidity sensor or felt strip. If you purchased a device recently, this sound usually disappears after a while. Such noise can also be caused by individual items of laundry loaded into the device: metal ties, buttons, zippers, etc. If the sound persists over time, we recommend contacting an authorized service center.

7. Contact an authorized service center.

If the above methods did not help to solve the problem, we recommend calling a service center specialist.

Caution! We do not recommend using the product until the problem has been completely remedied. Unplug the device from the mains and do not turn it on again until you are sure that it is working properly. If you need help with dryer repair near me, call us right now!