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Dryer motor is running but the drum isn't spinning in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the engine in your tumble dryer is running but the drum does not move, this could mean that the problem is with the components described below.

Dryer motor is running but the drum isn't spinning

Problem solution:

Bearings. Bearing damage is the most common cause of drum stalling. With natural wear and tear, the drum begins to knock and rattle during rotation. If you do not pay attention to this in time, the bearing will break. This happens not only during normal wear and tear, but also under increased loads (for example, when overloading with laundry). You can check the drum by trying to spin it manually. If this fails, the bearing is seized.

Drive belt. The drum may stop and not start due to wear, breakage or slipping of the belt. This is the second most common reason for a Siemens tumble dryer when it stops suddenly. When the belt is worn, there is often a whistling sound, but the drum continues to rotate. If the belt is stretched, then the rotation speed decreases, and if it breaks, the movement stops altogether. Replacing a belt is significantly less expensive than replacing bearings.

Axles or rollers. The rollers of Siemens dryers become flat during long periods of stagnation. Therefore, after a long period of non-use, the dryer may emit rattles and extraneous sounds. If the axles on which the rollers are attached break, the drum stops spontaneously and does not start. The problem will be eliminated by the master after dismantling and installing new parts.

Electronics. The most complex breakdowns associated with a control unit or a malfunction in programs. The system does not receive information from sensors and does not give commands to rotate the motor and drum. This happens with strong power surges in the network, with moisture and mechanical breakdowns. Only the master can determine if the problem is in the control board or the reason is in other devices. If you need help with dryer repair San Jose, call us right now!