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Dryer runs but doesn't get clothes dry

Issue description:

The tumble dryer works as usual, but the tumble dryer does not dry well, and the laundry is damp after drying. What to do and why can this happen?

Dryer runs but doesn't get clothes dry


The laundry is not wrung out well, so the machine cannot dry it completely. For normal operation of the drying mode, you need to spin clothes at maximum speed.

The dryer does not dry well clothes consisting of several layers of fabric, for example, blankets, bedspreads with a liner, pile products. If necessary, select a longer cycle or run the drying program several times.

Iron dry selected. In this mode, slightly damp laundry is normal. The tumble dryer deliberately does not dry the laundry to make it easier to iron. If you did not intend to iron the laundry immediately after drying, select a different drying mode and restart the machine.

The selected drying program does not match the type of laundry. For example, cotton items take longer to dry than synthetic items. Read the instructions and select the correct mode.

High temperature and humidity indoors. During drying, hot air evaporates moisture from the laundry, which is condensed in a special tank and then removed to the drain. But, if the room where the machine is located is too damp and hot (temperatures above 30 degrees), condensation will take place more slowly. Move the machine to another place or at least ventilate the room where the drying unit is located.

Low voltage in the mains. If you need help with immediately dryer repair, call us right now!