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Dryer screeching noise

Issue description:

Dryers cannot run completely silent. The loudest sounds accompany the drum and fan. More noisy are machines with a drum equipped with blades. This prevents the laundry from knotting into lumps, but increases the noise level. But what broke if the dryer began to squeal annoyingly?

Dryer screeching noise


Drum bearings.

If they are damaged, a strong knocking and crackling is heard, especially when the drum rotates at maximum speed. You can stop the machine and turn the drum manually. If the sounds are repeated, then the problem is in the bearings.

Support rollers. When the tumble dryer is not used for a long time, the rollers lose their original shape and become flat. As with bearings, the solution is to fit new ones.

Drive belt. If the belt breaks, the drum may suddenly stop. And when the belt is stretched, a characteristic whistle occurs. You will need the help of the wizard to replace. If you need help with dryer repair around me, call us right now!