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Dryer squeaking

Issue description:

After working for a long time without any complaints, suspiciously extraneous noises and squeaks may appear in your dryer. You can associate this with anything. But absolutely such a defect is not related to the build quality. Run, and run again. In any case, the problem requires careful diagnosis and pinpoint identification of the sound source. Why?

Dryer squeaking


You can hear a clicking sound.

The tumble dryer cleans the heat exchanger up to 4 times. The cargo electromagnet moved upward, opening the condensation tank. This is not a malfunction, but normal noises. Going further.


This sound occurs at the moment when the compressor is turned on and may increase when it starts to work. The compressor makes a rattling sound when switched off. This is not a malfunction. We go further.

During the operation of the machine, you hear.

A noise similar to a dull thud. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the frequency with which it occurs. If the period of the appearance of the knock is equal to one revolution of the tank, then in this case we can talk about replacing the bearings.

You can observe the same.

A dull knock, but it can already be repeated two times in a row, after one revolution of the tank. Pay attention to your things. Are there any snags and torn edges on them? In this case, you can think about changing the structure of the edges of the tank.

Other noises.

They are not similar to any of the above. The noise occurs constantly, and is similar to the grinding of something. Here the answer is unequivocal. A foreign object has fallen away from the washed things. Often a symptom of this problem is the complete lack of rotation of the tank. Even with the help of the applied effort.

Grinding and creaking.

You will not confuse it with anything. To understand the source of the noise, a phased dismantling of the device is required. If you need help with dryer repair, call us right now!