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Dryer won't heat in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

As a rule, malfunctions of dryers occur due to violation of the requirements of the operating instructions. Cases of factory defects are extremely rare. Nevertheless, even the most reliable equipment of well-known brands needs repair over time. One of the most common breakdowns is a situation when the dryer does not heat the air, that is, air enters the drum, but it remains cold. The easiest way to detect such a malfunction is by feeling the door. It is usually hot to the touch. Even dryers have a special system that locks the door and prevents it from opening until the laundry has cooled down a little.

The cause of a malfunction, when the dryer does not heat the air, in most cases is a failure of the heating element (heating element). This can happen due to a breakdown of the temperature sensor, as a result of which the heater overheats and fails. Another common cause is power surges. If your area has weak electrical networks, then they may not withstand the increased load during peak hours or various emergency situations. At this moment, the voltage can almost double for a short time. Such situations lead to burnout of the mains filter at the input of the machine, failure of the power supply, various sensors and electromechanical devices, a heating element, and in some cases, even an electronic control module. In any case, if you notice that the dryer is not working properly (for example, it does not heat the air), you should immediately call a professional technician. After all, even a seemingly insignificant breakdown can further lead to a complete loss of the dryer's performance.

The dryer does not heat, reasons:

control module breakdown

filter clogging

timer breakdown

supply problem circuits

overheating or clogged air duct

blown fuse

broken heating element or thermostat

In gas dryers, the cause of the problem may be a broken gas valve solenoid or a faulty igniter.

Dryer won't heat

Problem solution:

Repairing a tumble dryer is a hazardous technical work. It is not recommended to do the repair yourself. Whatever the drying machine, if it does not heat the air, it is necessary to call the master. If you need help with dryer repair San Jose, call us right now!