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Dryer won't start in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Why won't the dryer start?

Electrical problems. The simplest recommendations are to make sure that the power supply is available and that the BOSCH machine itself is correctly connected. Sometimes the technique knocks out plugs and stops working. Or stops if the outlet, plug and power cord are damaged.

Temperature rises. Equipment malfunctions are possible at high room temperatures. This is due to too warm air that gets inside the dryer.

Wrong mode. To start the dryer, select the program and press the Start button. If delayed start is selected, the machine will not start.

Lock break. Both the tumble dryer and the washer will not cycle unless the door is closed (or broken). When it is blocked, a characteristic click should be heard before starting drying.

Clogged condenser. If the condenser becomes clogged, the process does not start, therefore it is recommended to clean it regularly. It is also necessary to check the moisture reservoir, which may be overfilled.

Incorrect loading. The BOSCH dryer may not start if there is too much laundry loaded (especially wet). You need to unload the drum and sort the things, then try to restart the dryer.

Engine breakdown. In the event of a malfunction of the motor, the machine, of course, will not work. A burned out engine or a drive failure is indicated by the absence of noise and error codes.

Dryer won't start

Problem solution:

To correctly determine the problem for which your dryer does not start, you need to call the wizard. It is simply impossible to describe how to solve all potential problems in one article. When you know exactly what is broken in the dryer, read the repair recommendations in one of our articles. If you need help with dryer repair near me, call us right now!