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Electric cooktop won't turn on in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

A common problem among malfunctions in the operation of electric stoves, when the electric stove does not turn on at all.

The indicators and control panel do not light up, the burners do not respond to switching on. These symptoms indicate that the current is not flowing into the electric stove.

Troubleshooting begins with checking the circuit breakers. Perhaps the machine has worked and completely cut off the power supply to the electric stove.

Electric cooktop won't turn on

Problem solution:

If suddenly the electric stove stops working (does not turn on), then first of all you need to make sure that there is voltage in the power outlet, and then check the integrity of the power cord and plug. But if the indication on the electric stove panel works, then this operation can be omitted.

To carry out further actions, the electric stove will have to be disassembled. Only after that it will be possible to check whether the voltage is supplied to the contacts:

of the electronic control unit or mechanical switches of operating modes

of all heaters

of temperature sensors, thermal relays and power regulators.

After checking the voltage supply to the nodes electric furnace and cleaning the contacts (if necessary), you need to retest the operation of the stove - it is quite possible that after that it will work. If you need help with cooktop repair San Jose, call us right now!