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Freezer burned food in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

During the operation of the refrigeration unit, malfunctions occur. He begins to greatly reduce the temperature and freeze food when it is not required at all. This is often due to improper use of household appliances. Such problems are eliminated on their own. If the reason lies in a more serious breakdown, call a specialist. Let's figure out what to do if the refrigerator freezes too much.

What to do if the refrigerator excessively freezes food in the refrigerator compartment? Often the reasons for this phenomenon are not related to the breakdown of household appliances. They arise due to incorrect use of the device. In units with a drip defrosting system, moisture from the food evaporates and drips onto the rear wall of the chamber. It freezes when the compressor is running. When it stops, the frost melts, the water flows through the drainage system into a special tray.

If dishes with liquids without lids, hot food and containers are placed in the chamber, excess moisture occurs. It settles on the wall, freezes, but does not have time to thaw, an ice crust forms. It increases over time. Because of this, nearby products begin to freeze. If the door of the appliance is frequently opened and kept open for a long time, the compressor runs continuously to cool the chamber to the desired temperature. This also leads to excessive cooling of the food.

The supply of cold to the chamber is due to the continuous operation of the compressor. This happens when the thermostats are set to super freeze and quick cool. In this case, the unit is very cold, but this does not take long. If they forget to turn off the mode, then the food will freeze in the refrigerator. Increased cold formation also occurs due to malfunctions in the operation of household appliances. Some of them fix themselves. For more complicated diagnostics and repairs they call a qualified specialist.

If the refrigerator freezes food, the reasons are different:

seal wear; blockage in the drainage system

breakdown of the thermostat or air sensor; valve failure in a single compressor unit

Freon leakage

problems in the No Frost system.

Freezer burned food

Problem solution:

If the refrigerator begins to freeze strongly, first check the correctness of the thermostat settings and the tightness of the unit. If this is not the case, they call the master. He will diagnose the device, find a breakdown and fix it. Self-repair can lead to more serious malfunctions, complete failure of household appliances and additional cash costs. If you need help with freezer repair, call us right now!