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Freezer coils keep frosting up in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

To adjust the temperature of a conventional refrigerator, it consists in setting the regulator in the middle position and further selecting the option that is optimal for you. Many combination fridge-freezers have the same knob that controls the temperature in the freezer compartment. The stable operation of the freezer coils is responsible for the constant temperature.

Freezer coils keep frosting up

Problem solution:

In unfavorable conditions, the refrigerator or freezer may be forced to work constantly to maintain the required temperature in the cells. Warm air rising from the condenser coil must circulate freely, and both types of apparatus work best in dry, well-ventilated areas. Do not place your refrigerator or freezer near a stove, radiator, etc., or in direct sunlight.

A layer of dust on the condenser coil interferes with heat transfer. The coil is usually attached to the back of a regular refrigerator or freezer, but on some models it can be located at the bottom (note the removable grill on the front of the appliance). Unplug from the outlet and gently remove the accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush or brush - do not use a wire brush or metal objects. If it is difficult to access the coil, ask a service technician to clean the unit. If you need help with immediately freezer repair, call us right now!