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Freezer compressor is always running in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The problem associated with the constant operation of the compressor of the refrigeration unit can be caused by two factors: Violation of the thermal regime or malfunction of the equipment. In the first case, you can almost always cope with the problem on your own, in the second, you may need the help of a specialist.

Freezer compressor is always running

Problem solution:

A small gap is enough to disturb the heat balance. The thermostat located inside the chamber will not register the set temperature threshold for switching off the compressor. As a result, the refrigerator will try to cool the entire apartment, and it will honestly try to cope with it. As a result, the compressor is constantly on, which significantly reduces its resource. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to more rationally place the contents of the refrigerating chamber.

Over time, the seal may lose its properties, as a result, the door will not tightly adjoin the body. Please note that most manufacturers consider this structural element as a consumable, therefore, the warranty does not cover it.

A slight tilt of the case forward (towards the door) will lead to problems with the sealing of the chamber. Moreover, such a level violation may be visually imperceptible. You can check the installation with a building level. If not, take a glass filled with water and put it on the refrigerator. Such a simple level sensor will help determine the horizontal tilt.

Malfunctioning thermostat or thermostat.

This device is, in fact, an adjustable temperature sensor. Models with electromechanical control are equipped with such devices.

Everything is much more serious if we are dealing with a thermostat of modern refrigeration equipment. In this case, the electronic control module receives a signal from the air sensor. If problems arise, an error code is displayed on the display. In such cases, you can only solve the problem by replacing the module, provided that it is available for free sale, otherwise you will need the help of the service center specialists. If you need help with freezer repair near me, call us right now!