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Freezer defrost drain is not working

Issue description:

If liquid accumulates at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment, under the vegetable drawers, this indicates a clogged drainage hole. In drip units, there is a groove for moisture drain under the evaporator. Condensate flows into it and through a system of pipes is discharged into a special tray located at the bottom of the unit. When the system is clogged with small debris, water flows down the inner wall. The hole freezes during cooling. Failure to correct the problem in time will lead to freezing of the evaporator, loss of capacity, and increased compressor duty cycle.

Freezer defrost drain is not working


Refrigerators with full No Frost have one evaporator located in the freezer. If the drain tube is clogged, liquid collects inside the chamber. To clean the system, you need to remove the inner rear wall.

The problem can be easily eliminated - just flush the drain with warm water from a rubber bulb to create excess pressure.

In “crying” models, condensate, flowing through the drainage pipes, enters the tray for collection of liquid, which must be emptied periodically. If used improperly - for example, careless movement of equipment from place to place - a crack may appear in the container. It is not difficult to notice it, you just need to pull out the container and inspect it. You can, of course, glue the broken part, but the problem will repeat after some time. It is better to buy a new tray.

Leakage occurs when the seal is worn out or deformed - a rubber part that ensures a tight fit of the door to the body. Loose closure, the appearance of gaps leads to a constant flow of warm air. The temperature of the inner chamber rises, drops of water condense on cold surfaces, without having time to evaporate. Ice builds up on the back wall and around the freezer and overflows the drain when thawing. A puddle appears under the refrigerator.

Do not try to replace the seal yourself. Tightness can only be achieved by the correct selection of the part, reliable fixation, and strong connection of the joints with a mounting hairdryer. If you need help with urgent freezer repair, call us right now!