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Freezer interior lights do not working in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Without consecration in the refrigerator compartment, you will have difficulty looking at the contents of the refrigerator. This leads to great inconvenience of using it, especially in the evening. The common causes of this malfunction are very simple.

Freezer interior lights do not working

Problem solution:

The first step is to inspect the light off button in detail. Usually the button breaks from time to time, the internal mechanism is made of plastic and wears out quickly,. If the button is visually in order, this does not mean that it is in good working order.

You need to remove the button and try to ring it with a multi-tester for poor contact. It is also necessary to visually inspect the socket and plug with the wire where the refrigerator is connected.

Check the refrigerator bulb for burnout.

It is necessary to remove the cover that protects the lamp. Each refrigerator disassembles the cover differently, you can see it in detail in the instruction manual. And visually inspect if you take away burnt-out or hanging filaments inside the lamp, this means that the lamp is faulty and must be replaced.

If the lamp and the shutdown key are in good working order, all that remains is to check the cartridge and the wiring itself that fits the cartridge.

It is necessary to call the voltage supply to the contacts of the cartridge. Set the reading on the tester to 750 V ~ and ring the cartridge contacts. If there is no voltage supply, this means that the malfunction lies in the wiring, which must also be ringed from the beginning of the connection. If you could not figure out how to get further to the initial connection, you need to contact the repairman.

When replacing the lamp, do not put the lamp more powerful than 15W. This can lead to melting of the plastic of the cartridge, violation of the thermal regime in the refrigerator. If you need help with affordable freezer repair, call us right now!