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Freezer is not running in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the freezer begins to leak, then before calling a specialist, you need to make sure that this situation was formed due to equipment breakdown, and not due to carelessness during operation. Very often it is the improper operation of the equipment that leads to its incorrect operation.

First, it is necessary to check the data of the thermostat. It should be in a position between 3 and 4 of the operating mode, when food freezes normally and the motor does not suffer from increased load. Sometimes, when placing food in the freezer, a person imperceptibly unscrews the thermostat. If the thermostat is installed in the wrong position, you just need to move it to the optimal position. After a while, it is worth checking if the freezer has started to work normally.

Secondly, the freezer does not freeze well due to the freezing of ice. When a large coat of ice forms, the seal does not fit tightly, which means that warm air enters the chamber. In this connection, a puddle may form on the floor. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to defrost the freezer and thoroughly rinse and clean the rubber seal.

Freezer is not running

Problem solution:

In addition to improper operation, the freezer can stop functioning normally for many reasons. For example, failure of a thermostat, motor, compressor. Typical freezer malfunctions are:

the motor running on the freezer compartment runs for 5-10 seconds and turns off automatically

the engine runs, but creates long pauses during operation

the freezer does not freeze enough

rust appears on the freezer case

If you have a two-compressor refrigerator, the absence of frost is a sign of a breakdown of the motor-compressor. This is due to natural wear and tear of the compressor during prolonged use of the equipment. Also, a breakdown of the motor-compressor can occur due to excessive load on it. For example, when setting the maximum freezing mode in hot weather. Our specialists who encounter such malfunctions every day can help with the repair and replacement of the compressor. We make repairs quickly and reliably. A guarantee is provided for each type of service.

If the motor is running, but it makes long pauses, then, most likely, the air sensor or thermostat is out of order. If you have an electronic refrigerator, then the malfunction is caused by a breakdown of the air sensor. In this case, the control module does not receive information that the temperature in the freezer is below the set value, so the motor does not cool. The problem is solved quickly by replacing the sensor.

The freezer does not freeze, but the refrigerator worksIf the refrigerator is of an electromechanical type, then the absence of frost is the cause of the thermostat failure. A faulty thermostat does not signal the engine and motor that the freezer is warm. For this reason, the motor does not go into cooling mode. Replacing the thermostat is the only solution in this situation. But it is not recommended to make it yourself. It is better to call a foreman who will deal with the breakdown professionally and efficiently.

Only a specialist can answer the question why the freezer does not freeze, since the same malfunction can be caused by several reasons. It is possible to establish the source of the cause only with the help of special equipment, which our masters always have. If you need help with emergency freezer repair, call us right now!