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Freezer is too noisy in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If your freezer clicks, tries to start and shuts down immediately, or the engine hums, there is a compressor problem. This can be an interturn winding short circuit or a short circuit. Replacement of the motor will be required. This is an expensive repair.

It so happens that the motor knocks very hard when it is turned off. This suggests that the compressor mounts are loose. As a result, during operation, the engine dangles so much that it touches the body, after which it turns off. At this time, a knock is heard. To eliminate this malfunction, you need to adjust the position of the engine. The main thing is not to delay the repair. Otherwise, you can hold out until the compressor burns out.

If the thermostat breaks, you can hear clicks, but the engine does not start. Due to the fact that the compressor is constantly turned off, the freezer does not freeze, respectively, the temperature in the boxes rises. In case of problems with the thermostat, you will hear only loud clicks, and no more extraneous sounds. However, if the technician clicks constantly, the problem may not be with the thermostat, but with the starter relay.

Freezer is too noisy

Problem solution:

The sounds are reminiscent of grinding, in the refrigerator there is a No Frost function. If your refrigerator really does "like a tractor" and the noise sounds like a grinding noise, then you may be hearing the fan noise in the freezer. Ice may form on the fan. If ice is freezing around the fan in the freezer, then it, while rotating, touches the ice with its blades, so the noise resembles a creak.

The device is too close to the wall or to the wall of kitchen furniture. Because of this, the motor begins to vibrate, as a result of which the elements that are nearby are humming.

Constant power surges in the household network (in addition to clicks, there may be a hum).

Malfunction of the compressor. As a rule, the windings are short-circuited.

The chamber thermostat is set to the maximum value. For this reason, the compressor is working at the limit of its capabilities, it is exposed to overloads and because of this emits a hum.

You have just purchased the equipment, and it is going into operation. Typically, this period lasts 5-7 days. If you need help with freezer repair around me, call us right now!