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Freezer is too warm in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Heat removal in the refrigerator is carried out through a condenser-heat exchanger located at the back, and in many modern models also in the side walls. When the compressor is running, which circulates refrigerant through the system, the heat exchange grids are heated, and this heating can be quite strong.

In normal mode, the compressor works for about 20-25 minutes, then it turns off and remains off for about the same or longer time. Since the active pumping of heat occurs precisely during the operation of the compressor, then in models where heat exchange grids are built into the sides of the refrigerator, the walls are noticeably heated.

Freezer is too warm

Problem solution:

Any modern refrigeration unit, during operation, leads to heating of the case. This design was developed not only for aesthetics, but also for greater functionality.

If there is a significant temperature difference between the ambient air and the chamber space of the device, condensation may form on its doors.

Its appearance is an unfavorable sign, since it leads to the destruction of the varnish coatings and paints, as well as freezing of the rubber sealing element located around the door. In order to prevent this, the manufacturers of modern technology slightly improved the design of the refrigerator.

Considering all the above, you should not worry about the question of why the side walls of the refrigerator heat up. This is a completely normal process, which is due to the design of modern devices, as well as the need for their uninterrupted operation (for example, very often manufacturers even intentionally install heating elements in places where condensation may occur). If you need help with high end freezer repair, call us right now!