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Freezer not cooling in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the freezer does not freeze and the refrigerator works, then several main factors become the sources of the reasons. The most common are:

Normal wear and tear of parts. Despite the popularity of the brand and the cost of the device, its failure is inevitable during long-term use. For different models, it may differ and range from 5 to 15 years. It is worth noting the fact that the new equipment has a shorter resource than the old counterparts.

Factory defect. Quite a common culprit. Occurs during the operation of the device in the period from purchase to one year. In this case, the advantage of repair is that it is a warranty, if there is no human factor.

Human factor. Incorrect operation of equipment and ignoring the requirements of the instructions attached with the product upon sale. To exclude your own errors, we strongly recommend that you always read all the documentation that comes with the kit.

An exact determination of the cause is carried out by means of diagnostics, when the problem is determined. Please contact professionals directly to ensure future performance and availability.

Freezer not cooling

Problem solution:

When the freezer does not freeze well, many factors can contribute. Customers identify some defects on their own. To do this, we recommend that you carefully read the information below:

High temperature in both chambers. Pay attention to whether the compressor starts up and whether the diodes, the screen on the front of the door or on the case outside, or behind the door. If they are faulty, it is necessary to exclude the cause, as a lack of electricity. Check the plug-to-socket connection and the visual integrity of the cable. If the manipulations did not allow you to get the result, connect another mains device to the outlet, as it may be faulty.

Excessive load on the compressor. In this case, two options are possible. The first is the red indicator (Alarm) working due to the high temperature in the chamber. This is often due to the installation of many warm foods in the freezer, which are recommended to be pre-cooled to at least room temperature. The second option involves cooling these products, which is why the compressor can operate continuously for more than a day, and in some cases even more. This factor negatively affects the resource of the motor, especially if the equipment is more than 5 years old.

If the socket is working properly, the indicators are on, you have not installed hot food, but the freezer does not start to cool, we recommend that you entrust the repair to our masters. We know everything about these malfunctions and guarantee the elimination of defects of any complexity on the day of contact. The main reasons for the breakdown are:

Short circuit on the compressor winding. The main feature is that it turns on and immediately stalls. Moreover, in 99% of cases, the motor is very hot, despite the lack of functioning. To avoid a malfunction, we recommend that you follow the instructions and do not set the temperature to minimum in hot weather.

Long pauses between compressor cycles. The air sensor is faulty, requiring its replacement with a new analogue. A thermostat will also be diagnosed, which may not respond to a temperature rise above the set value.

There is frost, but not enough. A common breakdown on refrigerators with the No Frost system, which are equipped with a "crying" evaporator, where the switching valve fails.

Corrosion on the body. Leakage of refrigerant / freon through the steel circuit, the formation of condensation due to depressurization of the chamber. If you need help with home freezer repair, call us right now!