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Frost inside the freezer

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Found ice in the freezer that won't thaw? There are various reasons why even new No Frost systems sometimes crash and snow builds up in the freezer. It is not always possible to eliminate the causes of frost growth on your own, often contacting the service cannot be avoided.

Frost inside the freezer


Check the refrigerator settings (thermoregulation sensor, super-freeze functions), and also pay attention to the tight fit of the door elastic to the refrigerator. If the reason lies in something simple, then you will eliminate this trouble yourself, without resorting to the help of mechanics. Snow build-up can occur because:

Freezer drain plugged. When the refrigerator is auto-defrosting, melt water flows into this hole from the freezer. The drain is clogged - the water is stagnant. Signs: accumulation exclusively in the place of discharge, then freezing. Try cleaning the drain yourself with warm water and a syringe. Doesn't help - contact us

The defrost system is defective. It is she who is responsible for removing ice from the freezer. In the event of a breakdown, you will have to diagnose and find out the exact cause of the malfunction: starting with the heating element, ending with the fuse. The main signs are a fur coat build-up on the far wall of the freezer, a constantly running motor (without interruptions) and an increased temperature in the chamber. You cannot fix this problem on your own, you need to contact a refrigeration technician.

Temperature sensor is faulty. The system receives an incorrect temperature command, and the unit freezes with a vengeance. A rare shutdown of the engine, while the regular freezing of ice, snow and frost on the walls indicates that the temperature sensor has broken.

Freon leak. It rarely leads to such consequences, but it is worth checking. In the event of a leak, snow freezes at first, because the refrigerator loses its power and reserves, working without stopping. When the freon evaporates completely, the refrigerator simply stops freezing. How to check: it freezes mainly on the evaporator, the motor does not stop working. The control panel, if present, may display an error. Contact the service, this damage cannot be eliminated by yourself. If you need help with freezer repair near me, call us right now!