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Gas cooktop isn't baking in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Sometimes even experienced housewives cannot cook pastries, although they do everything according to proven recipes. Then they pay attention to the kitchen appliance and try to find out why the oven does not bake on top and the bottom burns a lot. This problem often occurs due to the fact that the heat is not distributed correctly in the oven. In some cases, defects are eliminated on their own. Read more about what to do if the gas oven does not bake well, further in the article.

Gas cooktop isn't baking

Problem solution:

Repair of gas equipment is carried out only by professionals - employees of the gas service or the service technician, if the stove is under warranty. Only experts will tell you why the top does not heat up in the oven or the flame goes out, which parts need to be replaced in the chamber. Some problems not related to gas supply and distribution can be corrected by yourself. Below we will tell you what indicates a malfunction of the gas equipment.

The nozzles are clogged. Remove the cover and clean the holes. Abrasives are not used, as they clog gas passages.

Low quality gas. A common situation when using gas cylinders. The cylinder will have to be changed (this is rare with the main gas supply).

If the flame is weak not only in the oven, but also on all burners with the gas taps open, the gas pressure may have dropped. Call the foreman to check this parameter.

If the flame becomes weaker as all burners are turned on, check the condition of the gas hose. Maybe the stove is pushed so close to the wall that it squeezes the hose.

Ignition occurs, but after the door is closed, the flame goes out. Maybe the temperature regulator or the valve stem is broken. Check this way: remove the handle and turn the stem. If the problem is not solved, specialists are called in.

Modern stoves have a gas supply control system. If there is a supply disturbance, the thermo-solenoid valve shuts off the gas and the burner goes out. This sometimes causes the burner to shut down. Such a breakdown is fixed only by specialists.

The elastic band has fallen into disrepair: the cabinet is turned on and a hand is placed under the door. If it is warm, then the seal needs to be replaced. If you need help with cooktop repair near me, call us right now!