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Gas odor from stove in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If you smell gas, this is a real danger to life and health. When the stove is leaking for a long time, the blue fuel tends to accumulate in a confined space. This creates an explosive mixture. She can detonate in any favorable case. Therefore, any such symptoms are a reason for immediate contact with the gas service. How to identify a leak?

Even modern technology does not provide 100% protection against leaks, however, the high quality of assembly and components can postpone this moment for an indefinite period. Therefore, we advise you to initially choose good plates. Leaks occur due to the following causal factors:

problems with the hose: the hose is pressed through, damaged, the hose lining has burst, the nut of the hose connection has been loosened, the hose itself is leaky

problems with the tap: the sealing rubber of the tap is worn out, there is no lubricant on the tap plug, the gas valve is loose and the stove is leaky due to weakly twisted internal connections. By the way, a breach of sealing could have occurred during transportation.

incorrect installation, incorrect settings. On the one hand, safety precautions and operating rules for household gas appliances do not allow independent connection work

violations of operation: milk escaped in the stove without gas control, you are not around, the flame has gone out, and the gas is on - the burner is faulty - there may be a factory defect or natural wear and tear. In most cases, it is jammed or replaced with a new one.

Gas odor from stove

Problem solution:

The smell of gas may not be felt right away, especially if a window is open in the room. But, during cooking - quite. In order not to miss this moment, an additional component is added to the household gas - mercaptan. This perfume is an extremely smelly compound. In theory, it should warn about the leak long before the concentration of blue fuel reaches the extremely dangerous level. But, in practice, anything is possible.

The fact is that natural gas in the bulk is butane, propane, in some quantities there is propylene and ethylene. All this explosive mixture has a psychotropic effect. The person loses sensitivity and does not hear the smell of perfume.

If you smell gas, immediately shut off the gas supply to the stove. Do not turn on the lights, smoke, or do anything that can spark a spark. It is better to de-energize the entire apartment and ventilate it well. So at least nothing will explode. It would be nice to take out all mobile devices, turn off the landline phone. So, the main methods for detecting a leak are as follows: Believe your eyes. This is the first and quite official method for detecting problems. The gas pipes leading to the burners are wetted with soapy water, including the connection points of the hose to the stove, connections above and below the gas meter. The places where bubbles form are determined by eye. Most often, it is here that there is a leak, which is caused by a loss of tightness. If you see any slightest bubble, immediately close the shut-off valve and call the experts - believe your own ears. If the leak is strong, blue fuel will whistle distinctly

By smell. Actually, that's where we started.

What to do? First, I want to say a few words about tools and consumables. All gas fittings are made on the basis of alloys (usually bronze), which do not produce sparks. This should be used for repairs. From the repair tools, you will need pliers, an adjustable wrench, a gas wrench for the stove, and a gas wrench for the valve. Plus, a special paste for insulation.

If the problem is in the burners

If the gas smells due to the extinguished flame, and you discovered such a burner too late, turn off the supply and ventilate the kitchen. Do not hesitate to open doors and windows wide open. Then you have to wait until the burner cools down. Here you can blow holes, clean them of grease, food debris.

Such cleaning is a necessity. The point is in the remains of salt, or rather sodium, which is contained there. When heated, it produces an intense color in the yellow end of the spectrum. This can be confusing, giving the appearance of a burner malfunction where there is none. When everything is ventilated, cleaned and set in place, you can light it up again. In case of malfunction, a replacement is carried out.

If the stove is powered by a cylinder

If the check showed that a leak comes from a cylinder, call the gas workers and, if there is a balcony, carefully relocate it there, covering it with a dense wet sack for greater safety. If the connection is leaking and there is nowhere to remove the cylinder, you can also cover the hose with a wet rag while awaiting emergency service. By the way, if this thing is hot, it is better not to touch it at all.

A plug from an old wine cork can be built under the supply pipe. Cut it off like a cone with a sharp knife and insert it tightly. By the way, you can later remove it with a corkscrew. Any open pipe should be plugged. Additionally, I note that the rag should be exactly wet, not damp. Fuel is supplied under low pressure and is unable to squeeze moisture out of the fabric. This works with almost any leaks.

If the problem is in the hoses

I note right away that the purchase of hoses should be carried out only in specialized certified stores. Visually, they differ in their bright yellow braid. Do not forget that saving in this case is the cost of living.

The hoses themselves can be corrugated metal in a yellow plastic sheath or rubber in a metal sheath. The first option is twice as expensive, but it will also last an order of magnitude longer. However, rubber is difficult to damage, it does not crack if accidentally bent. A good rubber hose will also last a couple of decades.

So, if the hose itself is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. If the problem is isolation, it recovers. The thread is insulated with linseed tow, which is impregnated with a special paste for gas equipment. If you need help with immediately stove repair, call us right now!