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Gas stove not igniting in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Gas stove burner does not ignite for several reasons:

Gas burner does not work

Nozzle clogged with food

Crack on ceramic spark plug

Insulation of spark plug wire broken

Poor weight between ignition electrode and burner

Defective stove ignition unit

Worn or oxidized switch button

Burned out thermocouple or solenoid valve.

Gas stove not igniting

Problem solution:

To eliminate the causes in the electronic ignition system of the gas stove and hob burners, it is important to know the theoretical foundations and the principle of operation. When you press a knob or button, an electric spark appears on the spark plug, which ignites the gas. The electric spark is generated by the ignition unit. After the gas has ignited, you continue to hold the handle depressed for a few more seconds to magnetize the gas control system. When the burner is turned on, we hear characteristic clicks that stop after releasing the handle. If the burner did not turn on, did not light up or went out altogether, this is considered a technical breakdown of the stove, which should be eliminated. If you need help with affordable stove repair, call us right now!