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Heat pump fan did not trip breakers in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Knocking out the machine at heat pumps is far from uncommon. And there are several reasons for this, according to certain signs it is possible to determine what caused the cut-off of the machine.

The machine itself is a threshold element, which, when the current is exceeded, is triggered, that is, turned off. One of the reasons may be a short circuit in the circuit.

The machine knocks out immediately after switching on

When the machine is turned on in the dashboard, it is immediately knocked out

The reason is most likely in a short circuit of the lead wire from the dashboard to the heat pump, or in incorrect connection on the very terminal block in the heat pump.

You can check with a multimeter in resistance measurement mode or in "continuity" mode. But this method does not always give a positive result, since the device measures resistance with low voltage, not high voltage.

You can probably check by disconnecting the old wiring and replacing it with a new piece that can be connected directly to the outlet through a fuse or to the same machine.

If, after replacing the wire, the machine still knocks out, then the matter is in the wrong connection or in the closed varistor.

For the correct connection, look at the diagram on the protective cover or the inner surface of the heat pump housing (it must be disassembled)

Heat pump does not work after turning on the machine

If the machine is knocked out, and after turning on the heat pump does not turn on, then the reason is either a blown fuse on the control board or the "burning" of the board itself.

The heat pump knocks out some time after turning on

The next case, when the heat pump works, cools, but after a while the machine is activated, after turning it on, the heat pump again it can work for several minutes, after which everything will be repeated.

Excess current in this case is due to an increase in pressure in the system, which in turn rises due to poor cooling of the heat exchanger, as it is clogged with dirt or fluff. Regular cleaning with a high pressure washer will solve this problem.

Shutdown of the machine due to a short circuit

And the last option - the machine turns off a few minutes after turning on the air conditioner from the remote control to cooling or heating mode. This means that there is a short circuit in the inter-unit cable, in the compressor itself, or the connection of the indoor and outdoor units is incorrect. We check the inter-unit wire in the same way as the supply wire, and check the compressor as written in this article. Naturally, not forgetting to check the correctness of the interconnect line connection.

Heat pump fan did not trip breakers

Problem solution:

Often, the cause of a short circuit is the so-called "twists", when the wires are twisted together and insulated with electrical tape, to avoid this, use a more reliable method - terminal blocks.

How can you determine the cause and try to fix the problem yourself, in which the heat pump fan does not turned off the switches, written in the description. However, we strongly advise against doing this, it is better to call a specialist. If you need help with high-quality heat pump repair, call us right now!