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Heat pump fan isn't working

Issue description:

The heat pump fan is not working. This is an important part and it is not so easy to find a replacement for it. Typically, these parts for heat pumps can only be bought in specialized stores. However, you should not rush to make such an expensive purchase, first you need to discard all possible causes of malfunctions.

The most common ways to check are whether the device is connected to the network, whether the thermostat is working (whether it is set for cooling). It is also necessary to check whether the ventilation holes are blowing from the inside. Only after that do we go to the outdoor unit.

Heat pump fan isn't working


What needs to be checked in the fan?


First, the condenser. The fact is that in the process of operation of almost any household appliance, a certain voltage and constant current supply are required. For example, heat pumps only operate at 220 volts, so if there are any interruptions in this circuit, problems arise. Capacitors can sometimes store current, much like a battery. It is for this reason that there may be a problem with the outdoor unit. To get rid of it, it is necessary to free the capacitor from excess voltage. This is done by shorting the capacitor terminals (using an insulated screwdriver).


The next likely problem is the contactor. This is a part through which voltage is supplied to the indoor unit and distributed between the engine and the compressor. There should be 220 volts on one side of the contactor as well as on the other side. If the output of the contactor is 0 volts, it is faulty. You can check this with a multimeter.

Be careful! When checking, use all protective measures when working on the mains. If you are not sure about something, call the wizard.

After all the checks, we can say with confidence that the whole problem is in the fan. If other parts are working properly, this part must be replaced. It is better to entrust this procedure to professionals who are able to do everything efficiently and with a guarantee of work. If you need help with heat pump repair, call us right now!