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Heat pump is making way too much noise

Issue description:

During normal operation, the heat pump hums smoothly and steadily. However, its operation may be impaired due to:

Poor lubrication or lack of it (disassembly and lubrication of moving parts will be required)

Blades imbalance due to dirt or mechanical damage, leading to imbalance of internal structures and vibrations (cleaning is required, repair or replacement of the fan impeller)

Failure of the fan motor (eliminated by repair or complete replacement)

Deterioration of moving parts or loosening of their fasteners (repair or replacement)

Compressor malfunctions, which are indicated by a crackling in the outdoor unit ( usually the compressor is repaired, in some cases replaced with a new one)

Heat pump is making way too much noise


If the air conditioner heat pump starts to make noise, you should contact our professional technicians. We will not only find and eliminate the cause of the noise, but also find out the cause of its occurrence. Our own warehouse of original spare parts and a service center allow us to quickly and inexpensively make any repairs. If you need help with heat pump repair San Jose, call us right now!