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Heat pump isn't running in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the heat pump does not work, it is possible that the compressor is stuck, there is no power supply, or the heat pump is turned on without a winter kit at a negative outdoor temperature.

Operation of a heat pump without a winter kit at a negative outdoor temperature

Jammed or left operating compressor

No power supply

Heat pump isn't running

Problem solution:

Operation of a heat pump without a winter kit at negative outdoor temperatures

The instruction of most household heat pumps directly prohibits using it at temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and experts generally recommend not turning on the heat pump when outside the window is below zero.

In cold weather, the drainage pipe freezes, an ice plug forms, which prevents moisture from escaping. Not finding an outlet, condensate begins to seep through the joints of the pipelines into the heat pump casing, which can lead to the failure of the device.

During operation, the heat pump compressor heats up strongly and air is blown into the casing by a fan to cool it. Air contact with the hot compressor casing is also accompanied by the formation of condensate, which freezes in the cold, forming unwanted ice.

Severe frost leads to freezing of oil in the compressor crankcase. During normal operation, the oil mixes with freon and lubricates the heat pump units from the inside. Freezing or an increase in the viscosity of the oil leads to the loss of its lubricating properties, and the lack of lubrication leads to a serious consumption of the resource of the moving parts of the heat pump.

Even more dire consequences can be caused by liquid refrigerant entering the compressor. The liquid refrigerant that did not have time to evaporate causes a hydrodynamic shock inside the compressor, instantly reducing its service life down to zero.

Compressor jammed

In modern household and semi-industrial heat pumps, hermetic compressors are used, the very name of which suggests that they cannot be disassembled

If the compressor is jammed, or the compressor motor winding has burned out, or there is a short circuit between the winding and the casing, then there is no question of repairing the heat pump compressor, the compressor requires replacement. It is not cheap, new compressors are not always available in stock, even from official distributors. Therefore, in order not to be left without the heat pump for a long time in hot weather, regularly, at least once a year, call specialists to carry out maintenance of your heat pump. After all, all of the above breakdowns of the compressor are the result of neglect of the rules of operation of the heat pump.

As a result of the depressurization of the refrigeration circuit, air enters it. The air causes an increase in the operating pressure of the heat pump, and the moisture in the air forms an acid when it interacts with the refrigerant. The acid reacts with copper pipes, destroys the insulation of the compressor winding wires, and causes oxidation of the compressor oil. If this happens, but the compressor is still alive, then only the intervention of experienced specialists will help prevent the compressor from dying. But even in this case we are not talking about repairing the heat pump compressor, but about carrying out certain actions aimed at removing impurities and oil decomposition products from the refrigerating circuit and the compressor housing and replacing the oil with a new one.

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