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Heat pump not cooling in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The most common malfunction of climate systems is that the heat pump does not cool well or blows with air at room temperature. Such a malfunction in the operation of split equipment happens for various reasons. Let's talk about this in more detail.

In this article we will consider what to do if the heat pump has begun to cool the air in the room worse, possible reasons, recommendations on how to avoid this and eliminate the malfunction on your own or with the help of a specialist.

Cooling capacity - the main characteristic of a heat pump that determines the efficiency of the HVAC equipment. The power parameter of cooling is selected taking into account the area of ??the room where the device will be installed.

Now let's consider how to determine whether the cooling of the heat pump has really worsened and whether there is a need for repairs, or such an assessment of the device's performance turned out to be biased.

Cooling the ability of climate systems is largely dependent on the air temperature outside. An efficiently operating heat pump will provide the optimal air temperature inside the room.

If the difference in temperature conditions outside and in the room where the heat pump is operating is less than this parameter, then we can conclude that the split equipment is malfunctioning.

Why the heat pump began to cool badly. Heat pumps lose their ability to quickly and efficiently cool air for various reasons, which are not always possible to determine without the help of a specialist. Let's consider the most common causes of such a malfunction.

Why the heat pump does not cool the air:

filters or fan of the indoor unit are dirty

the heat exchanger in the indoor or outdoor unit is dirty

capillary tube clogged

not enough freon in the system

refrigerant leakage

fan malfunction

4-code valve breakdown in the external unit of the split system

compressor malfunction

temperature sensors malfunctioning

pressure sensors breakdown

Heat pump not cooling

Problem solution:

Some heat pump malfunctions that cause poor air cooling can be corrected by yourself.

What problems can be solved without the help of a technician? Dirty filters can be cleaned. To remove them, you need to open the cover of the indoor unit, remove the filters and rinse them under cold running water. After a little drying, the filters are reinstalled. Now the heat pump can be started and its performance checked.

A contaminated heat exchanger can be cleaned in different ways: with a steam cleaner, high pressure washer or special chemicals. If difficulties arise, call for service.

The owner can also clean the dirty indoor fan using a brush or pressure washer.

If the cause of the malfunction is a clogged capillary tube, clean it by blowing or pressing. If the tube is clogged with moisture, cleaning is carried out by the vacuum method.

In all other cases, you cannot do without the help of professional craftsmen. Experts will diagnose and determine the exact cause of the breakdown. If necessary, refuel with freon. If a refrigerant leak is detected, it is sealed.

Do not ignore the problem of poor air cooling by the heat pump. Minor malfunctions can be easily eliminated at low cost. But if you ignore the fact of ineffective operation of the device, you can wait for serious breakdowns, the repair of which will have to spend a lot of money.

Observe the operating rules and timely perform technical inspection of climatic devices. In solving this problem, experienced specialists from the service center will always help. If you need help with heat pump repair near me, call us right now!