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Heat pump not heating in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

First of all, in order for the heat pump to work for heating, your equipment must support such a function, then the heat pump must be equipped with a winter set against freezing and icing of the outdoor unit and the drain hose. The winter kit constantly warms up the compressor crankcase, thereby preventing the oil from thickening, and a ten is inserted into the drain, which heats the tube and prevents the condensate from freezing.

As statistics show, the split system's failure to heat the air is often complained of, and this is almost always a consequence of:

excessive haste

dirty filters

excessively dirty impeller of the indoor unit

dirty heat exchanger of the outdoor unit

Freon leakage

one or another breakdown

These reasons can overlap on top of each other, but usually we are talking about one of them. Therefore, they should be considered in more detail.

Heat pump not heating

Problem solution:


In this case, the problem is not so much in the device itself, but in its owners, who are not informed that the split system is switching to heating for a much longer period of time than to cooling. Without knowing this, the owners, having turned on this mode, expect the same quick reaction, however, time passes, and there is still none. They begin to switch modes and press all sorts of buttons, eventually concluding: for some reason the heat pump does not heat. Turning to the service department, they discover that everything is in order with the heat pump.

How to solve the problem? In this case, no special solutions are needed - just avoid unnecessary fuss and let the heat pump switch smoothly to heating mode.

Heat pump filters dirty

Another popular reason. Failure to clean this part can lead to multiple malfunctions of the entire system and even complete damage to the device. Possible failures include a deteriorated heating function.

How to solve the problem? The filters should be cleaned and then cleaned approximately every month. This can be done in two ways:

order a professional cleaning of the heat pump filters

clean them yourself

If you choose the second option, you will need to do the following:

open the panel of the indoor unit

remove the filters

rinse them with water (too hot and very cold water should be avoided).

Wipe the filters with a not too fluffy piece of cloth and dry them (do not use different heaters for this).

Replace the filters and close the cover.

It should be remembered that the frequency of cleaning can vary over a very wide range, depending on what load falls on the cleaning system. Therefore, the owner should check the level of contamination of this element from time to time.

Freon levels are low

Any heat pump will inevitably lose refrigerant over time. After a year or a year and a half, its level will drop to a critical one, and if nothing is done, it will affect the operation of the device, including the heating function.

How to solve the problem? It is necessary to carry out preventive diagnostics of the heat pump from time to time in order to identify possible malfunctions in the system, as well as to find out the level of freon. If it is not enough, it is necessary to order the refueling of the heat pump with freon.

If the heat pump loses freon very quickly, this is a sign of serious problems. In this case, you should contact a specialist. As a rule, a quick leak of freon is the result of self-installation of the heat pump. This once again indicates that a professional installation of an air conditioner should be preferred to an amateur installation.

Dirt on the impeller

This part located in the indoor unit of the split system inevitably becomes covered with dust during its operation. If its layer becomes excessive, this will affect the functioning of the entire system, and thereby cause the split system to not heat.

How to solve the problem? It is necessary: ??

open the panel of the indoor unit

taking a damp cloth, use it to remove dirt from the impeller and close the panel

Caution! Some parts of the panel are quite fragile, so you should not be too zealous, making efforts.


The heat exchanger of a heat pump needs no less attention than the parts of the indoor unit, so if it is clogged with any kind of contamination, the device will work properly you can not count.

How to solve the problem? Check the condition of the heat exchanger in the heat pump. If all of the above reasons are excluded, almost always the reason lies in a dirty heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. In this case, you just need to clean this part of the system. If you need help with home heat pump repair, call us right now!