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Heat pump running constantly in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The heat pump runs constantly, reasons:

The heat pump is in protection mode and issues an error code, indicators on the panel of the indoor unit flash continuously (for example, if there is insufficient freon level in the system, compressor malfunction or overheating).

Wiring fault.

Breakdown of the control panel. If the batteries are fresh, the polarity is correct, and nothing is on on the remote control, or all symbols are blinking at once, the remote control is most likely faulty.

Breakdown of the control panel receiver board (often the cause of this malfunction is a blown fuse).

The installed fuse is blown on the electronic board of the indoor or outdoor unit, or the board itself. You can check whether the air conditioner is turned on forcibly without a remote control - press the On / Off button located on the heat pump housing or under the panel.

Heat pump running constantly

Problem solution:

In order to independently understand why a heat pump works constantly, you must have specialized knowledge and diagnostic devices. In this matter, we recommend that you contact an authorized organization with professional technicians. If you need help with affordable heat pump repair, call us right now!