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Heat pump turning off and on too frequently

Issue description:

Sometimes during operation of the heat pump it happens that it turns off. Why the heat pump turns off, seemingly for no reason. Let's try to figure it out. Reasons for spontaneous shutdown of split systems.

If you begin to notice that the heat pump turns off after a few minutes of its operation, then analyze your actions and check the settings. This is due to a special protection system - a circuit breaker. The shutdown may be due to:

temperature sensor malfunction

heat exchanger sensor breakdown

indoor unit fan breakdown

control module malfunctioning start capacitors incorrect operation

Heat pump turning off and on too frequently


There are several factors that determine the shutdown of split systems:

The room temperature has reached the set parameters and the heat pump is turned off or switched to standby mode (in inverter heat pumps). This does not mean a breakdown, but rather shows that the split system is working correctly.

The “self-cleaning” mode is activated, during which the heat pump dries the system to avoid mold and mildew, and turns off. Check if the mode is on, then turn it off and the split system will work again

Circuit breaker malfunction. The auto switch is designed for automatic protection of electrical equipment under "extreme" operating conditions (power surge). This device shuts down the heat pump, preventing it from breaking and causing a fire

Incorrect electrical connection during installation. Such an error can lead to a short circuit and damage to the air conditioning device. Therefore, the installation of the heat pump must be carried out by specialists who are ready to be responsible for the quality of the installation.

The heat pump has been working for a long time under heavy loads. It is necessary to monitor the operating modes and control the load of the split systems

Breakdown of the motor, the heat pump cannot gain the required power and the circuit breaker trips

Manufacturing defect. This is rare, but for analysis and diagnostics it is necessary to contact the company that installed the device

Control system breakdown. If the control module is faulty, the heat pump may stop responding to the control panel and periodically turn off spontaneously. To determine the breakdown, call a specialist, since it is impossible to diagnose the control board on your own

The compressor of the outdoor unit is overheating. This is the most common reason when the heat pump is turned off. If you need help with immediately heat pump repair, call us right now!