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Heat pump won't stop running in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If, after turning off the indoor unit, the outdoor unit of the heat pump does not stop working, and it can only be turned off using a shield, the reasons may be as follows:

A short circuit in the wiring

Failure of the solid-state relay in the indoor unit

Out of the control board is inoperative

The compressor contactor (magnetic starter) in the outdoor unit is out of order (this is the part by which voltage is supplied to the indoor unit and distributed between the compressor and the motor)

Heat pump won't stop running

Problem solution:

Objectively, the reason that the heat pump will not stop working can be any of the above. It is rather difficult for an average person to understand this issue independently, and this is the main thing in repair.

Contact our company. We have our own warehouse of original spare parts for all popular brands and a service center for repairs of any complexity of the outdoor unit of the heat pump. If you need help with urgent heat pump repair, call us right now!