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Ice maker is not making ice

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If you are having problems with the ice maker in your refrigerator, we have some guidelines to help you fix them. It is also helpful to check the user manual for your particular refrigerator, as this page only contains general information for most models.

Ice maker is not making ice


When using the refrigerator for the first time or after a long period of time, the appliance must be operated for at least six hours before ice can be made. If the refrigerator has been running for more than six hours, check the set temperature first.

If the nozzle is blocked by ice, this may cause a problem. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check and clean the ice hopper. Slightly raise the bucket shutter and check the ice condition. If the cubes are frozen together, remove the ice and let the ice maker produce a new one.

The cubes may freeze if the ice maker is not used very often or if your freezer temperature is too low. If you are not using the ice maker for a while, turn it off to prevent freezing.

If the front of the ice dispenser is clogged with ice, clear the blockage by running warm water through the hole in the ice bucket. If you need help with ice maker repair near me, call us right now!