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Ice maker isn't working in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Ice makers are heat exchangers designed for the production of industrial and food artificial ice. The modern refrigeration equipment market can offer a huge range of ice makers of various types and brands. Their improper operation or untimely service, as a rule, lead to breakdowns.

Common breakdowns and ways to eliminate them:

1. Water in the ice box - a clogged drain hose is the most common cause of this problem.

2. Freezing of ice in one piece on the evaporator, lack of defrost - in this case, the cause of the breakdown may be due to a malfunction of the programmer, evaporator thermostat or solenoid valve.

3. The formed ice has an irregular shape - the reason lies in the clogged water nozzles or damage to the pump.

4. The ice turns out to be cloudy - such a problem indicates an excess of lime and calcium in the system.

5. Problems with turning on the ice maker or cycling for 15-40 minutes. When the mains indicator is active, ice is not produced - there may be several reasons for the malfunction: one of them is a malfunction of the container overflow thermostat, the other is the shutdown of the high condensing pressure in case of accidents.

6. No freezing of the evaporator. Heavy suction pressure - this happens in situations where the water solenoid or solenoid valve does not close.

7. Incomplete freezing of the evaporator. Insufficient suction pressure - this occurs in the event of a clogged capillary tube and a freon leak.

Ice maker isn't working

Problem solution:

1.To restore the unit's performance, clean the hose by rinsing it with warm water and a special detergent through a container

2. The situation can be corrected by replacing the damaged element

3. In order to obtain the required ice shape in the future, you will have to remove the water collector and clean the filter with nozzles. If the problem turns out to be in the faulty pump, then it must be replaced with a new one

4. In such a situation, the most correct decision is to contact the service department so that specialists can decalcify and regenerate the water softener

5. The way out of this situation is to replace the inoperative thermostat or check the condition of the condenser fan, water solenoid valve and shut-off valve responsible for water supply, as well as cleaning the condenser

6. This problem is solved by replacing the failed valve. In this case, pay attention to the color of the throttle insert located in the water solenoid.

7. In the first case, it is enough to replace the tube and filter of the desiccant, and in the second, eliminate the leak followed by replacing the filter. If you need help with ice maker repair San Jose, call us right now!