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Ice tastes bad in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

A bad taste in ice cubes can mean the difference between a refreshing drink and one that will go down the toilet. Ice cubes can taste bad for a variety of reasons, from poor ice bucket cleaning to spoiled food or drinks in the freezer. To get rid of bad taste in ice cubes, first check the condition of the water in the ice bucket and then look for other sources of bad smell inside the freezer.

Ice tastes bad

Problem solution:

Taste the water. If the water tastes bad, so will the ice cubes. Using a water filtration system will help improve its flavor.

Control the contents of your freezer. Food in your refrigerator and freezer can affect the taste of other foods or beverages. Discard items that contain bad odors, and store your drinks and food in airtight containers. Placing small bags of baking soda in your freezer will help combat odors that can transfer to the ice cubes.

Clean the inside of your freezer. According to General Electric (GE), a new refrigerator can emit a plastic odor, which could be another cause of bad taste in your ice. Since the environment is enclosed in a refrigerator, it is difficult for odors to disperse. GE recommends cleaning the refrigerator using a mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda and one quart (0.94 L) of hot water.

Use fresh ice. Ice cubes that have been in the freezer for several weeks or more can develop an unpleasant taste. Replace ice that has been in the freezer for a long time.

Thoroughly clean all parts of your ice machine, especially before you start using it. Use a cup of vinegar, or add lemon juice to the water, and pour the mixture on the self-cleaning cycle. If your machine doesn't have a self-cleaning cycle, pour in vinegar and water as if you were going to make ice multiple times.

Change your ice buckets. Some ice buckets, such as those made from poor quality plastic, can impart a plastic taste to the ice cubes. Look for ice buckets made of a good quality plastic or a different material. If you need help with high-quality ice maker repair, call us right now!