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Ice won't come out of ice maker

Issue description:

The ice maker does not produce ice, there are several possible reasons:

1. There is no water supply.

2. The temperature in the freezer is too high.

3. Dispenser door open or locked for more than four minutes. Engine overloaded.

4. The device has been turned on for a while. Ice can melt and re-freeze around the auger due to infrequent use of the dispenser, temperature fluctuations or power outages.

5. Ice dispenser blocked. Ice cubes can get stuck between the ice maker and the back of the ice bin, or freeze together and block the dispenser.

Ice won't come out of ice maker


1. Make sure the device is connected to a water supply. Wait for the ice maker to produce ice. When the ice is ready, the dispenser should start working.

2. Set the freezer temperature to a lower temperature to speed up ice production. When new ice forms, the dispenser should start working.

3. The motor overload protection is reset approximately 3 minutes after the door is unlocked. The dispenser should then start working.

4. Remove the ice container, defrost it and discard its contents. Empty container, wipe dry and reinstall. When new ice forms, the dispenser should start working.

5. In this case, to eliminate the malfunction, it is enough to remove the ice cubes blocking the dispenser. If the water dispenser runs slower than usual, the water and ice cartridge filter may be clogged or blocked. In this case, replacing the filters is sufficient to eliminate the malfunction. Filter replacement: Press down until the water filter clicks into place (two clicks should be heard). The filter must be flush with the instrument. If you need help with ice maker repair around me, call us right now!