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Inconsistent stove temperatures

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One of the important points when preparing dishes is observing the temperature regime specified in the recipes. This nuance allows you to bake a perfectly smooth sponge cake without bumps and bubbles, make a beautiful golden crust on the meat, bake meringues correctly and prepare buns for choux pastries. Almost every modern model of the oven is equipped with a thermometer, but it so happens that it does not work or does not have a clear scale of values. In such cases, available methods come to the rescue. We will learn how to determine the temperature in the oven without a thermometer and what is needed for this.

Inconsistent stove temperatures


Oven problems must be solved by a professional technician with a permit for this type of activity. Doing it yourself can make the problem worse, and it's also dangerous. If you need help with home stove repair, call us right now!