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Indoor heat pump fan not working

Issue description:

Fan malfunctions in heat pump indoor units can cause the supply of cooled air in sufficient quantity to create the required comfort.

Indoor heat pump fan not working


The fan blades can spin slower than necessary or not spin at all for various reasons. A side defect associated with the lack of a cold flow can also be the evaporator, "overgrown" with an ice crust and for this reason is not able to pass air. To identify an obvious malfunction:

Remove the heat pump indoor unit housing.

Check the impeller and fan motor.

Check the fan blades for possible damage.

Make sure the impeller is not blocked by foreign matter.

manually rotate the fan wheel to diagnose freedom and ease of rotation. If the motor shaft with the impeller mounted on it does not rotate or rotates with difficulty, the rotor of the motor may be jammed due to burnt out stator windings. The burned out engine will have to be replaced. If you need help with emergency heat pump repair, call us right now!