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Induction element won't heat

Issue description:

The induction element does not heat up - the most common malfunction of electrical panels, the device is plugged into the outlet, but does not work at all, or only one of the burners does not heat up.

Induction element won't heat


An electrical circuit break in the section from the coil to the transformer, located under the glass-ceramic surface.

Usually either the contacts burn out, or the connecting wire breaks. In the first case, a stripping is carried out, in the second, the wire is soldered or its complete replacement.

If you solder the wiring to the contact is difficult (no skills to work with a soldering iron), then you will have to carry the hob to the service center.

Coil burned out.

In this case, you should not replace the device yourself due to the complexity of dismantling and installation.

Inoperative contacts.

Quite often there are cases when they burn. To believe it, you need to open them, clean them with alcohol and reinstall them.

Non-functioning transformer.

It is the same as all other electrical parts of the plate, check with a multimeter for the presence of resistance.

If a zero appears on the display of the multimeter, then a short closure. If "infinity", then a break appeared in the circuit. If you need help with affordable cooktop repair, call us right now!