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Jammed dryer vent

Issue description:

If your dryer vent hasn't been cleaned in the past year or two, then it probably needs it. How do you clean it up?

Jammed dryer vent


Disconnect the dryer from gas and electricity. If you have a gas dryer, turn off the gas.

Pull the dryer away from your ventilation extension.

Use a screwdriver or wrench to loosen the 10 cm clip (ventilation clip) on the back of the dryer.

Move the ventilation away from the dryer.

Clean the hole in the back of the machine and remove any loose thread and build-up. Clean as deep as possible. A professional or household vacuum can help you clean the inside and usually does a good job of removing the fibers.

Clean the ventilation tube you just removed and carefully pull the fibers out of it. A vacuum cleaner will do the job just fine.

Look at the pipe ends. Most of the fibers are layered at the ends (within 30 cm) and a little in the middle of the vent. If you find a large build up in the middle, use a plumbing cable to pull it out. A clothes hanger or wall plug can expand your reach if the path is fairly straight. However, they can get bogged down in the material and even lead to leaks. Try putting the flexible hose on the vacuum cleaner to clean everything inside and see if it works or not.

Put the clip back on the vent. Replace the vents, tighten the clamp and slide the dryer into place. Also remove the vents on the outside of the house. The house can have embossing around the cover as well as screws. Use a razor knife to cut off the plug. The blade should be about 30 cm long. In this case, remove it.

Pull out and clean all of the fibers or insert the hose of your vacuum cleaner into the exhaust pipe of the dryer. You can sweep as deep as your hand or the vacuum hose allows.

Look through the air vent to see if you've missed anything. If the fibers are out of reach, use a plumbing wire or other tool (pump hose). Turn on the gas and put the connector on the unit back.

Run the fluff dryer for 10 minutes. Any leftovers you just missed may fly out, so don't stand right next to the hole.

Recheck the external vent for obstructions and attach the external vent. If you need help with affordable dryer repair, call us right now!