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Lack of hot water from water heater

Issue description:

In response to the question why there is no pressure of hot water in the boiler, we can say that there may be no pressure for various reasons, ranging from factory defects to improper operation.

Filter clogging As you know, the boiler is filtered from various impurities using a mesh filter, retaining dirt with rust particles. The grill top gasket becomes clogged and a lump of debris prevents the liquid from flowing freely. Therefore, it may run out in a moment.

Scale with deposits

Scale is salts formed on heating devices. It appears on the water heater tank due to hard water. To fix everything, descaling will help by opening the lid of the water heater and heating element, washing the salt from the walls of the tank and spirals.

Contamination of the mixer

Often, the liquid from the tap starts to go badly. This means that there is rust in the mixer. It is necessary to turn off the water supply system and clean the disassembled mixers. Sometimes the problem is in the rubber bands.

Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes occurs as a result of salt deposits or large indelible particles entering the filter.

Most often it happens where pipes are bent. The elimination of this phenomenon is possible by thoroughly washing the mesh on the filter, cleaning the pipes or replacing them. It is best to buy plastic pipes in this situation.

Jammed check valve

In some situations, the valve is clogged with debris and it flies through the pipes to the boiler installation. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the check valve, check its performance and remove debris. Sometimes the reason is a manufacturing defect in the equipment.

Problems with pressure If the water in the tap goes well at first, then it goes badly, and this happens from time to time, then the cause of the malfunction is in the faucet filter clogging. Often the problem also lies in the lack of a sealed pipe installation and manufacturing defects.

Lack of hot water from water heater


To resume normal boiler filling, it is necessary to remove the plug, wash the mesh and return everything back. There are replaceable types of filters that are filled with helium or air. Bad material leaks out and clogs water pipes. Buying a normal water supply filter or cleaning the water intake pipes with a brush will help save the situation. Lemon with oxalic acid or antiscale will help to dissolve the hard crust. If the tank is completely broken, then you will need to replace it or buy a new boiler. Sometimes repairs are more expensive than new equipment, then it makes sense to replace the boiler.

The main way to troubleshoot a boiler is to clean the pipes with a filter. Sometimes replacement parts and professional help are required. Also, the help of the master is needed if it is impossible to find the problem on your own.

Most often, the reason for the quickly ending water is leakage in the case due to poor maintenance. As a rule, all boiler installations are built at the factory from durable materials that can easily withstand high pressure with weight. However, if corrosion, rust has formed inside the tank, and the owner of the device did not notice it in time, a leak may form. It is not recommended to use such a tank and it is also impossible to repair it. It can only be replaced. If you need help with water heater repair around me, call us right now!