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Lights on kitchen hood do not illuminate

Issue description:

Cooker hoods provide a healthy atmosphere, which is very important for any housewife who spends a significant part of her time in this room. Since the hoods are installed directly above the stove, they are often equipped with additional lighting of the workplace.

Backlighting is not a critical structural element of the hood, the failure of which can significantly affect the operation of the device, but, nevertheless, if it malfunctions, many housewives begin to experience a lot of inconvenience. The cause of the malfunction may be the failure of the light bulb or the power button. In this case, it is necessary to check the performance of these elements.

Halogen lamps and incandescent lamps are checked with a multimeter (tester) in resistance measurement mode. In the absence of indicators on the device, it can be concluded that the lamp filament has burned out. It is somewhat more difficult to check the performance of an LED lamp.

This is due to the fact that inside such a lamp, in addition to the LEDs, a control driver is also installed, which cannot be checked with a conventional tester without disassembling the lamp. To check the performance of the LED lamp, you need to screw it into a known working cartridge, but before checking the lamp in another cartridge, you should make sure that its nominal voltage corresponds to 220 V.

In the event that the test shows that the lamp is working properly, it is necessary to check the integrity of the connecting wires and the operation of the light switch. A tester is also used for this. The probe of the device is brought to the button, which should be in the pressed position. With this position of the button, the resistance between its contacts should be less than 1 Ohm.

The cause of breakage of the switch may be natural wear. In this case, the button must be replaced. This procedure is not very difficult. To complete it, skills in working with a soldering iron are enough. If halogen lamps are installed on the backlight, which, according to the test results, are working, the cause of the malfunction should be looked for in the transformer, and when using fluorescent lamps, in the ballast. If these items are found to be inoperative, they should also be replaced.

Lights on kitchen hood do not illuminate


In fact, replacing a burned-out light bulb is a task that is feasible even for those who do not have much experience in repairing appliances with their own hands.

To replace a light bulb in the kitchen hood lighting, you need to:

turn off the hood

remove the grate or open the cover

unscrew the burned-out light bulb

put a new one in its place

connect the hood to the mains and check how the backlight works

It is recommended to use another one of exactly the same type and performance instead of the burned out light bulb. Otherwise, the light bulb may "not want" to work, and in some cases even damage the wiring. If you need help with range hood repair, call us right now!