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Microwave control panel not working

Issue description:

Sometimes the technique starts to behave in a strange way. It turns on when it shouldn't, switches modes or does not respond to commands. Of course, if you are in doubt about your knowledge of electronics, it is wiser to contact a specialist. But what can you do if the buttons on the microwave don't work? Let's consider possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination in the article below.

It is not very difficult to repair the control panel.

To repair the sensor, follow the instructions:

On the front panel and the bottom, unscrew all the bolts.

After the panel should be easily removed.

It is necessary to unscrew all the bolts holding the control panel protective panel.

The touch panel is connected to the control unit via a loop. It needs to be disconnected.

The touch panel is pushed off with a knife and removed. It is a film of several layers.

The top layer must be picked up with a utility knife and carefully removed. This is a protective layer that covers the conductive path.

Microwave control panel not working


If the conductive track is damaged, then it must be inspected for damage and oxidation. It is especially worth inspecting the places where the broken buttons are. For repairs, do the following.

The surface is disinfected with alcohol.

Glue is applied on top with a thin layer.

After complete drying, all the tracks must be ringed with a multimeter to make sure they are conductive.

The microwave oven is assembled in the reverse order,

If the contacts are sticking, it is to blame for the sticking of the film due to excessive pressing. This usually happens with the most popular keys - start, stop, mode switches. To fix this, it is necessary to restore the distance between the protection layer and the conductive layer. To do this, do the following.

Both films should be disinfected.

One of them is pasted over with electrical tape from the inside. In this case, the places where the contacts are located must remain open.

The device is being assembled. Then the previously inoperative buttons are checked for operability.

If all the buttons or the display do not work for the microwave, then there is a high probability of a loop breakdown. It could simply detach or collapse due to oxidation, excessive physical stress. If the first happens, then the loop is simply reconnected. If the edges were damaged, then they are carefully cut off, and everything is reconnected. When installing the cable in place, it can be coated with glue, but it should be noted that the contact pads should remain without glue. If you need help with microwave repair around me, call us right now!