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Microwave display not working

Issue description:

Problems with microwave control - no buttons are pressed or the touch panel does not respond, the display does not show at all, or some of the indicators do not light up - extremely unpleasant: even if everything else in the microwave oven works, you will not be able to use it.

In most cases, situations when the buttons of the microwave oven do not work or the touch panel does not show the display are caused by malfunctions of the internal components of the microwave oven: processor, display, contacts or loops. The good news is that you can deal with some of these problems yourself: clean the buttons, solder the contacts, fasten the cables. But to replace a processor, display or touch panel, you already need to contact a specialist.

Microwave display not working



Symptoms: popular buttons are pressed every other time or do not react at all

In the kitchen, the buttons of household appliances inevitably get dirty and over time, the most popular ones may stop responding to pressing. To thoroughly clean them, you will have to remove the front panel. It is easier to use touch buttons: it is enough to wipe them outside.


Symptoms: some of the buttons do not respond to pressing

A common reason why buttons do not work in a microwave oven, especially the most popular start button, is the button contacts that have fallen off. If you are lucky enough to own a soldering iron and the necessary skills, you can easily solder the contacts yourself.


Symptoms: some or all of the touch buttons do not respond to touch.

Most likely, the conductive tracks of the touch panel were damaged. A faulty touch panel must be replaced, and it is better to entrust this work to an experienced specialist.


Symptoms: the display does not show anything or only some of the indicators are on

Microwave displays fail very rarely, but if this happens, then it will have to be changed, the display cannot be repaired. It is better to entrust such work to a specialist: he will connect and check everything correctly.


Symptoms: the display either does not show at all, or some of the indicators do not light up, or clearly incorrect information is displayed; if the processor is broken, the buttons and the touch panel also do not work

In the vast majority of cases, the faulty processor is to blame for the problems with the display. Unfortunately, the processor cannot be repaired, it needs to be changed - call the workshop.


Symptoms: the display or all buttons and touch panel does not work

If your microwave does not fully work all the buttons or does not show display, the reason may be a ribbon cable that fell out of the connector from the control board. If you manage to get to the connector, just insert the ribbon cable into it. If you need help with affordable microwave repair, call us right now!