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Microwave doesn't shut off in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Symptoms of malfunction: the microwave is constantly working, the glass pan is rotating and the light inside the chamber is on, while the oven does not respond to pressing the buttons and turns off only if you unplug the power cord. The reason for such a problem, most often, is a malfunction of one of the door latch microswitches. To eliminate this breakdown of the microwave oven, you need to disassemble, determine which of the limit switches is faulty and replace it with a new one.

Microwave doesn't shut off

Problem solution:

It is necessary to check the serviceability of the voltage supply relay to the primary winding of the high-voltage transformer (the contacts may be stuck). To turn off will help to de-energize the microwave oven by unplugging it from the outlet. If so, replace the relays with good ones.

Otherwise, the problem is in the processor or relay control circuits, between the processor and the relay. Check the circuits, if the problem is in the processor, then: change the module to a known good one. Otherwise, we repair the module. If you need help with microwave repair, call us right now!