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Microwave door not closing properly

Issue description:

Microwave oven door - is one of the most important design elements of the oven in terms of ease of use and safety. Such a door, together with interaction mechanisms, should provide blocking of the furnace operation and easy access to the chamber when it is opened. When closing, the door must securely lock, provide visual control over the food that is being cooked in the oven chamber, and prevent microwave radiation from entering the chamber outside.

The door carrier is a stamped metal frame covered with enamel. In the center, the frame has a rectangular window that consists of many small holes and is a mesh. The mesh size is not random and is directly related to the wavelength of microwave radiation. The diameter of the mesh holes is selected so that for microwaves emitted by the magnetron, such a mesh is an insurmountable obstacle. In addition, the mesh with such small meshes allows a good view of the oven chamber and looks good in terms of design. In order to protect the mesh from adhesion of small fragments of food during cooking, heat-resistant glass is installed on the inside of the door. In cheaper models of ovens, a heat-resistant, transparent film can be used instead of glass. Also from the inside, along the entire perimeter of the door, a plastic seal is attached to the frame, which ensures a tight fit of the door to the furnace body when it is locked. From the outside, decorative trim is attached to the base of the door. The appearance of the door can be very different and depends on the design of the oven as a whole. All elements of the door structure (layers) are fastened to each other more often with latches, less often with screws.

It is also necessary to ensure that the door always fits snugly against the body. Do not use the device if the door does not close.

The most common reason the microwave door does not close is that the spring holder is broken, or the return spring has bounced off, or the bolt is jammed.

Microwave door not closing properly


When repairing, consider the mechanism for securing the microwave door. The bottom is fastened with a bolt, and the top is on a pin, but it is possible that the drive from the opening button jumped off. It is necessary to determine in which particular place of attachment there is a problem and replace the defective part. In any case, before starting any work, disconnect the device from the power supply, the magnetron may shock! If you need help with emergency microwave repair, call us right now!