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Microwave door switch broken in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Any problems with opening / closing the microwave door are reduced either to the problems of the lock and hinges of the door itself, or to a malfunction of the button for opening it. In principle, you can cope with such problems yourself if you manage to get the necessary parts, but it is easier to contact a professional specialist who has all the necessary parts and tools.

What to do if the microwave does not open or its door does not close - more in this article we will tell you about the possible causes of the problem and advise how to unlock the door.

Here is a list of possible causes of door problems:

door opening handle damaged

door spring broken

door latch broken

broken door hook: it is made of plastic and wears out over time

faulty door opening button

broken door opening button spring

worn out plastic drive handle that connects the door opening button and door latch

Any of the faulty parts of the mechanism opening / closing the door must be replaced, they cannot be repaired

Microwave door switch broken

Problem solution:

If your microwave door is suddenly locked, we suggest the following algorithm for opening it

disconnect the microwave from the power supply and place it on a rigid horizontal surface

take a metal ruler: the plastic one will not work, it may not withstand the load

push the ruler into the slot between the body and the door and lift the jammed latch

do the same with the second latch

Then look for the cause of the malfunction (see above), replace the broken part or call a repairman for repair. If you need help with microwave repair, call us right now!