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Microwave door won't open in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the microwave door does not open, there may have been some kind of malfunction in the program, try turning off the microwave and unplugging the cord, wait about 10 minutes, turn it on and off again - if the doors do not unlock and do not open, then the microwave is broken.

Microwave door won't open

Problem solution:

You can open it in the following way, you cannot call it otherwise, but you still have to carry it for repairs, since you can repair at home, but you will have problems with spare parts, although thanks to the Internet you can find them.

So to open the microwave door, you need to understand how the latches work.

Latches are two spring-loaded hooks that, when the door is slammed, catch on the lock rods, which are disengaged by pressing the opening handle.

The hooks are spring-loaded in the door body, they must be removed from the engagement of the lock rod, and possibly the electric lock.

To do this, you need a metal ruler or a metal flat strip made of strong metal, pushing it between the door and the microwave body, you need to get the upper latch from the bottom and lift it to disengage, then pulling the door from the top so that the latch does not come back.

Lower the ruler to the bottom and lift the bottom latch, the door will open.

You can of course disassemble and try to repair it yourself, but it is better to take it to the workshop, do not smoke the unit, it will still serve after a competent repair. If you need help with microwave repair near me, call us right now!