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Microwave fan starts when the door opens

Issue description:

One of the common problems is a microwave fan that turns on by itself when the door is opened. Let's list the main reasons why this happens:

Stuck buttons. It could be a stuck door interlock switch or a faulty control panel interlock relay.

Defective switches and boards. Another reason the microwave turns on by itself is for defective circuit boards and switches. In this case, it is best to contact the manufacturer to replace the defective parts.

Problems with the control panel. Sometimes breakdowns occur in the touch panel or control panel, which also leads to spontaneous switching on of the device.

Problem with the temperature sensor panel. Some buttons on the device are heat sensitive. If the appliance is located next to the stove, heat from the oven or steam from a saucepan on the stove can "trick" the touch panel, as if someone is touching the buttons.

Membrane keyboard. Models with membrane or membrane keyboards are also prone to this kind of problem. The malfunction occurs due to contamination of the device. Residual fat gets under the keyboard, decomposes there and causes the contacts to close. In such cases, installing a new membrane keyboard helps.

Microwave fan starts when the door opens


Possible solutions to this problem are given in the description of the cause of the problem. If you need help with high-quality microwave repair, call us right now!