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Microwave has no defrost

Issue description:

Regardless of the price category, almost every modern microwave oven is equipped with a defrost function. To designate it on the control panel, manufacturers most often use the icon of a snowflake or water droplets. They also offer automated programs specifically for defrosting specific foods: meat, fish, minced meat, vegetables, etc. However, this process can also be manually configured and tailored to your own needs.

Many manufacturers, taking care of their customers, develop automatic defrosting programs for a wide variety of products. They contain the optimal power and the approximate time until complete defrosting.

The reasons why defrosting in the microwave does not work:

The mains voltage has dropped. Sometimes there are power outages and the voltage drops by 20 V.

Network overload. Two high-power devices are connected to one power source at the same time. This may adversely affect the operation of one of them.

Incorrect mode set.

The door is faulty. Perhaps the reason is a broken latch.

Microwave has no defrost


It is best to hire a professional technician to determine the cause of the malfunction and repair it. If you need help with high-quality microwave repair, call us right now!